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Yoniverse – Explore Your World of Conscious Sexuality

Self-pleasure and Sexuality are subjects that have generally been confined to locker room talks – It’s something we usually talk about in hushed tones. Over the years women have had a lot of questions, queries, and doubts related to the topic – What arouses me? How do I make sure I get an orgasm during sex? Is masturbating wrong? Et al. In order to get a better grasp on these questions, we need to discern and understand our vagina – our yoni – our YONIVERSE.


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Explore. Expand. Introspect.


What is Yoni? To start with it’s imperative to understand the term Yoni.
Yoni is a Sanskrit word, meaning Vagina. Yoniverse is a culmination of our experiences in conscious sexuality – The idea is to accept and enjoy our sexual-selves, guilt-free.


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Love yourself. This is your Yoniverse.


Sex, for most of us, is a deeply personal act, but in this increasingly liberal society, it differs from person to person. While for some the connection between sex and intimacy can be an insubstantial one, for others sex would come with a long-term commitment. Whatever the connection between sex and intimacy is, sexual consciousness revolves around the idea that we need to rid ourselves of the habit of feeling embarrassed around matters about or relevant to sex.


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Don’t shy away from yourself. Be your best friend.


How can you do that, you ask? Self-pleasure; masturbation in itself actually has a positive effect on your overall sex life. It gives you an opportunity to get to know your body without the pressure of pleasing someone else. The minute you know, and are comfortable with your own body, you have no inhibitions while having sex with someone else and can go all out. Self-stimulation also increases the chances of having an orgasm since it strengthens your pelvic walls and gives you a chance to explore and find out what you actually like, and what works for you. Not just that, it also helps with menstrual cramps and is a great remedy for insomnia!


self love - satisfaction - self stimulation - self pleasure - female masturbation - Floh - tampons
Self love is the purest form of love. Here’s to loving yourself.


Remember, a one-person party is still a party, if not better.

Your journey is complete when you learn to manifest your sexuality; not just at a physical level, but at an emotional and spiritual one as well. The key is to completely surrender and give in to your desires. Holding back, in any way is the end of passion. You need to learn to be in the moment. This is possible only once you’re fully and completely comfortable with yourself.

So, ladies – it’s essential not to compartmentalize your sexual energy away from the rest of you. Only then will you understand how freeing being in touch with your sexuality really is.

And like Justin Bieber says ” Baby you should go and love yourself!”

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