Go with the FLOH!

Weird Names for Periods.

It’s a bird… It’s a plane… Nope, it’s just my period, stop calling it other names!

We’re giving you a list of 6 weird names we’ve heard people call their period, and our thoughts on it too!

1. On the Rag

*takes in a deep breathe*

Ok, that sounds unhygienic and also like a breeding ground for more diseases than we can count. We know this nickname comes from a time when there weren’t proper hygiene products available for women, but it’s time we move on. Not only are there plenty of better alternatives available but also they’re more accessible, at least to those of us who are lucky enough to be living in the urban spaces. Menstrual hygiene is a lot more important than society gives it credit for and we, as uterus possessors, need to do all that we can to push it!

Just use a tampon dude!

2. Chums?

I’m sorry but chums? Like friends? Guess we’re friends with our lady parts but calling it my “Chums” is kinda weird, and also just not normal. We don’t even call our friends that! Think how weird the conversation would get it we were to call our friends “Chums”.

“Hey Chum! Wanna get a drink today?”

“Sure Chum. See you at 8!”


3. Crimson Tide

Funny, but no thank you.

I’d rather go with menstruation or periods.

Thank you, next.

4. The English Are Coming!

This is a French idiom and honestly, it has so many layers to it, we’re not even sure where to begin.

Also, we understand the “English” can be painful but just use a Crampfree and you’ll be fine!

5. Aunt Flo

This one, we get, and we like.

It’s just you and your flohin’. We stan it.

6. Red Wedding

This one is a new one. If you’ve not been living under a rock, you probably know where it comes from.

But with the end of the show, do you think the name too will be done?

This list is just the beginning of how far people will go to call it anything but menstruation or periods. Give us the weirdest names you’ve heard people call their period!

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